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Dear Parents, Coaches, and Players,


                        What: OT Baseball Information Session

                        Where:            Ray Master Legion Post 217 (133 Centre Ave, Topton, PA 19562)

                        When:             April 1 @ 8pm


On Wednesday, April 1, the Oley-Topton Baseball organization will be holding an information session to which we are inviting all players in the age range of 12-15, along with their parents and coaches.  The purpose of this discussion is to inform you as to what exactly is the OT Baseball organization, and how it relates to the Oley and Brandywine youth leagues.  We realize there exists some confusion in both the Oley and Topton communities about OT Baseball, as well as where a player could and should be playing once they reach the age of 13.  Our intention is to help everyone make an informed decision as to the best place for their 13-15 year-old son to continue playing baseball for the upcoming and future seasons.


The goal for the evening is to provide information and answer any and all questions. The following is a starter list of topics which we expect to cover.  However, any other topics that the community wishes to bring forth will also be welcome.  We view this as less of a presentation, and more of a discussion.


Topics for the evening:

  • What is the OT Baseball organization?
  • How and why did the merger happen between Oley and Topton?
  • What is the relationship between the Oley and Brandywine Youth Leagues to OT Baseball?
  • Financial status of OT Baseball and how that benefits its players.
  • Current and proposed future OT Baseball offerings.
  • Other local opportunities for players in the 13-15 age range and how they relate to OT Baseball.
  • Meet the coaches
  • Q&A


Each year there seems to be more and more teams and options for players in our area that are in the 13-15 year old range. This results in more and more confusion, so we’re hoping to help solve that confusion.


We look forward to seeing you, and sincerely hope that you can make it.  If you cannot make the April 1 meeting, please don’t hesitate to contact a member of OT Baseball at any time with your questions.

Junior legion will have a new coaching staff for the upcoming season.

The Patriots welcome:

Gary Manderbach grew up in West Reading and graduated from West Reading High School as well as Penn State. Gary came up in the Yankees system and moved to the Mets for the 1972 season. He was with the organization through 1975, spending two years at Tidewater. He finished out his career with the Phillies organization– fittingly his final year was at AA Reading. Gary spent a total of eight seasons in the minors.

Juan Cardona (Car-doe-na) was born in Puerto Rico. At age 15 he was considered one of the top catching prospects in Puerto Rico. He was drafted by the St. Louis Cardinals and played 2 years in Double A before suffering a shoulder injury. Juan is currently one of the top Pasa Fino Horse Trainers in the World.

Jan Riegel is a graduate of Wyomissing High School. He was an All-County 2nd baseman in High School and an All-County Utility player for Wyomissing Legion. He was a walk on at UNC-Charlotte for 2 years and was invited and attended several Major League tryout camps in the early 90’s. Jan has coached youth baseball for 8 years. Jan is a Commercial Truck Account Manager for Manderbach Ford and SE PA College Scout and Recruiter specializing in Baseball, Softball and Football for National Scouting Report.

Last year was the first year Gary, Juan and Jan coached together. Leading Liberty Legion Prep to a League title and advancing to the State Quarter-Finals, the farthest a Berks County Prep team had advanced in 15 years.


The very successful Rapoe Renegades City County team has now been integrated in the Oley/Topton Patriots Organization. It will play in the junior legion prep U13 division. We thank the Renegades helping make this possible. Another step forward for the already successful Patriots program that now covers all age groups legion provides. The Ray A Masters Post 217 will generously sponsor this baseball team.

Below all the age qualifications for the 3 Legion teams

(Junior legion PREP) – THEIR fourteenth (14th) birthday prior to April 30th of the current year.

Born on or after 4-30-01 and prior to 4-30-02 is 13 years old

Maximum of 18 players enrolled

Junior legion (YOUTH) THEIR- sixteenth (16th) birthday prior to April 30th of the current year.

In no case allowed A Youth team have more than (12) players in the 15-year age group. The rest of the players may be any age below (15) Born on or after 4-30-99 and prior to 4-30-00 = 15 years old

Maximum of 18 players enrolled

Senior Legion age qualification:

Any player who will not turn twenty (20) at any time during 2015 can play legion baseball.


Oley/Topton Patriots

Dear Parents and Players,

The preparation for the new season is starting. The Patriots will send 3 teams out on the field this year.

Besides Senior and Junior Legion we will also have a Junior Legion Prep team.

You can register your son on the registration page by clicking on the tryout registration link in the main menu

More information will follow.



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